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What's Watsu?

What exactly is Watsu? It's the Japanese name for"omach massage." Watsu is basically a type of healing bodywork that uses massage and acupuncture to restore equilibrium, and alleviate anxiety, also boost range-of-motion and flexibility. This early technique is sometimes referred to as Oriental medic…

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What Is Lomi-lomi and How Does This Differ From Other Care Methods?

For more than twenty years the lomi-lomi and that I Sense Native Hawaiian Culture have developed something for curing physical, spiritual and psychological wholeness through the sharing of our most experiences with each other. We share in the love, laughter, sorrow, victory, so much more with one an…

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The Way Thai Massage May Boost Immune

Traditional Thai massage has powerful influences from traditional herbal and Chinese medicine. Unlike standard Western-style massages, it does not involve lying down on a set massage table while a specialist therapist gently applies massage oil to your body and gently kneads the muscles and soft tis…

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The Many Benefits of Swedish Massage

The most favored form of massage for pregnant women is definitely Swedish rub. It includes gentle, slow, kneading stroking, tapping, and dropping shots on top of often the largest layers of connective tissue. It has the purpose is definitely to improve blood flow, advertise relaxation, and boost mob…

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